Our company Misssion is to offer wide range of the products and services with high quality of service..

The final stage of the production process is the tests and technical checks of the ready products. AVIACOM has designed and equipped its own state-of-art test facility, including climatic cameras and vibration test sets. Workplaces for electrical tests, checks and monitoring are equipped with modern test and measure equipment. The following equipment is used in adjustment and test workshops: 

- for climatic tests: the PG-4J and PG-2KP thermocameras; 

- for vibration strength tests: the VS-5060M vibratio system. 

Mechanical tests on vibration system allow testing the products operability in conditions of random wideband vibration as well as single and repeated impacts. 

High quality of AVIACOM products is ensured by checks on all stages of production, from input checks of all components to checks of 100% ready products.