Production department

Our company Misssion is to offer wide range of the products and services with high quality of service..

AVIACOM assembly shop allows performing all types of the operations, required for radio electronic equipment production: PCB mounting to assembly of components, units and the whole systems, their tuning and testing.

The following operations can be carried out in AVIACOM workshops:

  • Electronic components mounting onto PCBs

  • All types of the space wired interconnections of the radio electronic equipment and devices

  • Production of any kind of the cables (wires, harnesses, cables). The cutting and baring of the wires is carried out by the KS-09C automatic machine

PCB mounting and the space wired interconnections is carried out by the modern ST 50E, HD-2В, HDЕ-2A solder stations.

JT-2B, DDE-2A, MSE-2A soldering stations are used for demounting and repair operations.

All stages of production are subject to 100% interoperational inspection.